Zhengzhou University delivers a keynote speech as an attendee in the Twenty-sixth Conference of National Association of Nine local Comprehensive University (SC9)

27 December,2020
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National Association of Nine local Comprehensive University (SC9) opened its Twenty-sixth Conference on October 17 in Soochow University under the theme “Facing 2035: Mission and Effort of Local Comprehensive University for the Double First- Class Construction and the 14th Five-Year Plan”. Xiong Sidong, President of Soochow University, made the welcome speech. Keynote speeches were made by Wang Yajie, Secetary of the Party Committee of Northwest University, and Zhou Chuangbing, President of Nanchang University.

Qu Lingbo, Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee and Vice-president of Zhengzhou University, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Facing 2035: Reflection and Practice on the Construction of Double First-Class Local Comprehensive Universities” which exploded how to orient local university, how to construct first-class university and how to overcome challenges in the five years, based on Zhengzhou University’s experience.

At the conference, Zhengzhou University proposed the Undergraduate Education Blockchain Alliance of SC9 and submitted the cooperation agreement for the alliance which was discussed and adopted in principle.

Speeches around the conference theme were made by some university presidents, including Liaoning University, Shanxi University and Yunnan University, etc. The conference determined the organizers of the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth conference as well as the theme for the twenty-fifth specialized conference.