2020 International Sub-Forum for Young Scholars on Cancer Prevention and Translational Medicine held in Zhengzhou University

25 February,2021
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Recently, the Cancer Prevention and Translational Medicine Sub-Forum of Zhengzhou University (ZZU), an international forum for young scholars, was successfully held by the Office of High-level Talents in conjunction with the College of Medicine and the Academy of Medical Sciences, and co-organized by related medical schools and departments and related affiliated hospitals.

Dong Zigang, vice president of ZZU and dean of the College of Medicine, attended the forum and delivered a speech. Those in charge of related units attended the forum.

Dong Zigang said in his speech that the development of the discipline needs the support of high-quality faculty, and young talents are the indispensable backbone.

At the forum, based on their own research achievements, young scholars focused on the development needs and future development trends of their fields, exchanged reports on academic issues in related fields, shared research results and experience, and had a warm and extensive discussion on the frontier issues of their disciplines.During the forum, they visited the campus of the College of Medicine, the key scientific research platforms of related disciplines, and the East Wing of the First Affiliated Hospital of ZZU.

More than 40 young scholars from 6 countries, including the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United Kingdom, were invited to participate in the forum, which combines online and offline methods.