The Social Sports Guidance Center of the SGAS sent a Congratulation Letter to Zhengzhou University

04 March,2021
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To celebrate the 15thanniversary of the Korfball development in Zhengzhou University, the social sports guidance center of the State General Administration of Sports recently sent a congratulation letter to Zhengzhou University.

The letter pointed out that over the past 15 years, teachers and students of Zhengzhou University, with the support of school leaders and under the leadership of professor Ma Xiangcheng, have achieved many historic accomplishment and made outstanding contributions to the development of Korfball in China. By sending a warm congratulation letter, the center extended its sincere thanks to Zhengzhou University for its supports of the korfball.

It also hoped that Zhengzhou University would continue to carry forward the spirit of “Stay perseverant, Keep extraordinary”, focus on the construction of korfball team so as to cultivate reserved talents, engage in the preparation for 2022 and 2025 World Games, and make greater contributions to the development of korfball in China.