ZZU and MSU Conduct Exchange Activities in Video Conference

25 March,2021
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Recently, Zhengzhou University (ZZU) and Moscow State University of Russia (MSU) carried out exchange activities in the form of video conference.Those who attended the conference from MSU are: Wipan Viktor Alexievich, the Vice President of Moscow State University in charge of scientific and technological innovation, and Sokalov Kirill, the Deputy General Manager of the “Vorobyovy Gory” Science and Technology Innovation Center of MSU, Konev Alexander Leonidovich, Associate Professor of the Department of Environmental and Land Law. Those who attended the conference from ZZU are Han Guohe, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC and the Vice President of ZZU, administrators from the International Exchange and Cooperation office, and people in charge of the National Supercomputing Zhengzhou Center.

Han Guohe spoke highly of the cooperation agreement signed between the two universities focusing on scientific and technological innovation, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cultural exchanges. Han expressed the hope that the two sides would give full play to their respective advantages so as to explore new model of Sino-foreign cooperative education with taking the National Supercomputing Zhengzhou Center as the locomotive. In the long run, the new model could expand the cooperative fields, deepen the cooperative level concerning the fields of scientific research and talent cultivation.

Alexievich introduced the construction and schedule of the " Vorobyovy Gory" Science and Technology Innovation Center of MSU. He hoped that the two sides could develop applied cooperation on cluster of information, biological medicine, nano technology and the joint cultivation of high level talentson the platform of the National Supercomputing Zhengzhou Center.

During the meeting, the two sides reviewed the exchanges between the two universities in recent years, conducted preliminary discussions on the establishment of the Sino-Russian International Joint Research Institute for Supercomputing at Zhengzhou University and reached an intention of it.