Li Fuguang and his team have published a review article on the mechanism of ethylene regulation of fiber development in a well-known international journal

07 February,2022
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Recently, the team of researcher Li Fuguang from the College of Agriculture has identified the key components of ethylene biosynthesis and signal transduction pathways in cotton through systematic bioinformatics analysis; and systematically discussed and reviewed the molecular mechanism of ethylene in the development of epidermal hair of the plant, and proposed a regulatory network of ethylene-mediated fiber development. Related research was published online on December 9, 2021 in the internationally renowned journal New Phytologist with the title “Dynamic roles and intricate mechanisms of ethylene in epidermal hair development in Arabidopsis and cotton”. This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31690093 and 32072022) and the Innovative Research Groups Program (31621005).