National Key (Cultivation) Disciplines
1.Condensed matter physics
2.Materials processing engineering
3.Ancient Chinese history
4.Organic chemistry
5.Chemical technology
6.Pathology, Pathology and physiology

National Key Research Institutions
1.National Engineering Research Center for Rubber Plastic Mould Technology
2.National Center for Research and Popularization for Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Technology
3.International Collaborative Research Center for Micro-nano Moulding Technology
4.International Collaborative Research Center for Cell and Gene Therapy
5.International Collaborative Research Center for Intelligent Design of Low Carbon Environmental Protection Materials
6.International Collaborative Research Center for Cancer Chemoprevention
7.State and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Major Infrastructure Inspection and Repair Technology
8.National Chemical Safety Engineering and Technology Center

National Research Center for Drug Safety Evaluation

National Intellectual Property Training Base (Henan Branch)

National Drug Clinical Research Base of ZZU First Affiliated Hospital

National Drug Clinical Research Base of the Medical Science Academy of Zhengzhou University (Henan Province)

Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Education
1.Key Laboratory of Material Physics of Ministry of Education
2.Key Laboratory of Material Molding Process and Molding of Ministry of Education(Co-sponsored by Henan Province and the Ministry of Education)
3.Key Laboratory of Main Pharmathetical Preparation Technology of Ministry of Education

Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education
1.Engineering Research Center for Fiber Composite Building Materials and Structural Engineering of Ministry of Education (Co-sponsored by Henan Province and the Ministry of Education)
2.Engineering Research Center for Energy Saving Technology and Equipment of Thermal Energy System, Ministry of Education

Key Research Bases for Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education
1.Civic Education Research Center of Zhengzhou University (Co-sponsored by Henan Province and the Ministry of Education)
2.National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center
3.Chemistry Experiment Teaching Center
4.Material Science and Engineering Experiment Teaching Center
5.Physical Experiment Center
6.心Public Health & Preventive Medicine Experiment Teaching Center
7.Water Conservancy & Environmental Experiment Teaching Center

State-Level Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center
Chemistry Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center

National Basic Science Research and Teaching Personnel Training Base

National Innovation Experimental Division for Talents Training Model
1.Innovation Experimental Division for Tourism Management Personnel Training Model Taking Professional Managers as Goal-oriented
2.Zhengzhou University Innovation Experimental Division for National Base for College Students Cultural Quality Education

National College Students Cultural Quality Education Base

The Ministry of Education
Training & Research Base for College Political Advisors

Henan Collaborative Innovation Center
1.Henan Collaborative Innovation Center for Resources and Materials Industry
2.Henan Collaborative Innovation Center for Water Conservancy and Transportation Infrastructure Security
3.Henan Collaborative Innovation Center for Chemoprevention
4.Henan Collaborative Innovation Center for Social Governance
5.Henan Collaborative Innovation Center for New Urban Construction Technology
6.Henan Collaborative Innovation Center for New Drug Development & Drug Safety Evaluation
7.Henan Collaborative Innovation Center for Internet Medical and Health Services

Mu Qing Research Center of Xinhua News Agency---Zhengzhou University

Central Plains Culture Research Center of Henan Province

Henan Cultural Industry Development and Research Base

Undergraduate Teaching Projects
1.State-Level Engineering Practice Teaching Center
2.State-Level Characteristic Specialties
3.State-Level High-quality Courses
4.State-Level Teaching Teams
5.State-Level Comprehensive Specialty Reform Pilot
6.State-Level Excellent Resource Sharing Course