Campus Culture
The long history of ZZU has cultivated a distinctive culture of its own. Influenced by the broad and profound culture of the Central Plains of China, people at ZZU have inherited and developed the quality of being generous, inclusive, energetic and daring. Students at ZZU come from over 30 provinces and autonomous regions in mainland China, as well as over 60 overseas countries and regions in the world. Thus various cultures have harmoniously existed and been blended with one another at ZZU, generating a cultural atmosphere of communication and integration among regional and ethnical cultures. Knowledge convection and culture clashes, along with a balanced development of the 12 disciplines, have helped ZZU to create a favorable atmosphere of cultivation, which is characterized by inter-disciplinarization and inter-complementation among arts, science, engineering and medicine. Being both inheritor and practitioner of the time-honored distinctive culture of its three main campuses, ZZU has shaped its own school ethos, i.e., “Being faithful, sincere, prudent and assiduous”.
basketball match
chiming of New Year bell
Choir of Music School
dance performance
evening party for Freshmen
New Year bonfire party at Yuanhe Square
ZZU's traditional opera society
ZZU's annual Sports Meet (1)
ZZU's sinology society
ZZU's annual Sports Meet (3)
ZZU's annual sports meeting (2)
ZZU's crosstalk club
ZZU's graduation ceremony in 2015(1)
ZZU's graduation ceremony in 2015(2)
ZZU's martial arts society