Dear alumni,
Zhengzhou University is a place where we start our dreams, a cradle that nurtures our growth. It is here that we have turned over a brand-new leaf of our life; it is here that we have laid a solid foundation for our career to take off; it is here that we have struck up a friendship of profundity and sincerity with our dear fellow students. What unforgettable memories of Youth! Our years at alma mater will be our life-long treasure!

But for the joint efforts and passionate support of all the ZZU people, all the staff on campus, all the alumni home and abroad, Alma mater’s foundation and development today could no have been so solid, so fruitful and so rewarding, her comprehensive strengths and social influences today could not have been so dramatically increased. Today, on the beachhead of Zhengzhou National High-tech Development District is standing a beautiful modernized eco-campus. Like the eternal goddess embodying all the dreams of ZZU people, Henan people, our alma mater is pointing to the direction of becoming a first-class university and marching forward!

As a classic Chinese poem goes:
Who says the tiny inch-tall blade of grass,
Can e’er repay the warm sunshine of spring?
Dear fellow Alumni, although we are different in terms of age, social experiences, we share the same youth of pilgrim to study in the Ivory tower of ZZU. Her honors and glories mirror the wits and sweats of you and me, and her future road of development cannot do without our support and participation.

When it comes to inspecting the first-class universities of the world, the annual donation rate is one of the five important assessment indicators in the mainstream system of University Evaluation. Alumni donation matters in participation, not in sum, because it embodies our affection and recognition towards alma mater; meanwhile it may reflect the alumni’s power of cohesion as well as our support and concern with the praxis of constructing a high-level university. Alumni donations come from the alumni, and go for the alma mater and the alumni. We make sure to be as strict and normalized as possible with the money we receive, cherish every penny and optimize every coin. Dear falumni, let us start small! Change our love for alma mater into action! Gift, big or small, is our sincere wish and affection. Repeat single steps daily we can travel around the world, while collect fine streams daily, a river can flow into sea! Let our love bridge ZZU to a brilliant tomorrow. Alma mater is expecting our concern and support as we always do.

We believe, with joint efforts of alumni and ZZU, a more promising tomorrow is coming to our alma mater! As a sign of memory and appreciation of your help, you will receive a donation certificate and a beautiful souvenir. Small as the souvenir, it carries your beautiful memory of our alma mater as well as your affectionate return to her. The list of donors and the relevant sums shall be publicized in Alumni of ZZU and Alumni Network; what is more, they shall be preserved in the ZZU Achieves.

Contact person: Ma Zhiyuan, Fang Zheng

Telephone: 0371-67780016,67783111


ZZU Alumni Association Office