Zhengzhou University (ZZU), located in the Central Plain of China, is the one of key construction on the list of the National Project 211, the Midwest Universities Comprehensive Strength Promotion Project, and the Co-construction Project jointly-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Henan Province. Ever since its founding, ZZU has so far cultivated about 850,000 (not 500,000,)professional talents and graduates from ZZU could be found all over the world.

At present, ZZU has set up 13 alumni associations at home and abroad, of which 12 are at home and 1 overseas. Thereby an alumni liaison network has come into being. The establishment of alumni associations around the world proves to be a bridge connecting alumni with the alma mater. And alumni associations serve as a platform for exchanges and communication, and offer services to alumni and help them to learn and care about what happens to ZZU, thus a sense of identity and belonging will be brought about as a result.


Strengthen the relationship between alumni and alma mater, promote contacts, communication and exchange activities among alumni, establish a system to maintain regular contact with alumni associations at home and abroad, share, exchange and obtain information, and do good work in keeping written records;


Offer good service to fellow alumni and the counterparts of other colleges and universities, handle carefully the questions or problems raised by alumni in person or through correspondence, phone calls and electronic means, ask the leadership for instruction promptly when necessary and make replies or offer solutions in time;


Motivate the alumni to make more contributions to the construction of our motherland and development of alma mater, and promote communication and cooperation between ZZU and local governments,enterprises and public institutions


Assist school to solicit from alumni and all social sectors ideas and suggestion about ZZU’s reform and development;


Accept donations from the alumni


Organize all sorts of appropriate activities and academic exchanges among alumni


Solicit and receive manuscripts and contributions from branch alumni associations and individual fellow alumni, edit and issue the alumni magazine, ZZU Alumni


Construct and maintain the ZZU Alumni Network, Alumni databank, alumni mailboxes and WeChat public account numbers.