Measures of Managing ZZU Alumni’s Donations

1. These measures are postulated in accordance with relevant regulations for the sake of normalizing donation management and promoting the welfare of ZZU.

2. Donation involved here refers to the voluntary donating behaviors to ZZU by alumni home and abroad, staff and students on campus as well as their separate units (hereafter referred to as donors).

3. Donation shall observe the principle of voluntariness and shall be made by alumni in person or his or her working unit out of free will. There is no limit to the amount of donations.

4. Donations that ZZU shall accept include:

Donations to construct or improve teaching facilities, contribute or donate to build memorial or signature donation-in-kind, etc.;

Donations to set up alumni funds, scholarships and fellowships;

Donations to promote special programs;

Donations of books and reference materials, apparatus and equipment to enhance teaching and research;

Donations in other forms that will contribute to the education development of ZZU;

5. Alumni Association Office (Secretariat of Alumni Association) has the discretion to accept donations from donors on behalf of ZZU authority, and donors are required to make a donation agreement with ZZU in terms of donations’ kinds, quality, quantity and purposes etc.

ZZU shall issue a valid certificate after accepting donated money or articles, and set up a designated bank account to receive donations and register and record the donations.

Alumni Council is charged with the work of managing donations, auditing the income and outgoings of donations by alumni in the previous year, discussing and deciding the purposes of donations in the current year, and publicizing the relevant information on Alumni Network.

6. Donors can donate in the following ways:

Download the donation registration form supplied by General Alumni Association on the webpage of Alumni Network, register as school or department, alumni associations and individuals, then deliver to General Alumni Association after collecting the donation and registration form or go to visit ZZUGAA and donate on spot.

When donating cash via postal remittance service, please write down clearly your name, address of contact, telephone number, graduation grade, and department where you studied.

When it comes to big collective donations of money, bank transfer to the bank account of Zhengzhou University is preferred.

7. School will use the donations in accordance with the will of donors. If it is indeed necessary to change the nature and purpose of donations, we shall ask the donor for permission. The donor has the right to be informed of how his or her donation is used and how the construction or application of donated project is going and make his or her own suggestions.

8. School will help with relevant procedures of making a donation. As for the donation from abroad, school shall help in donations’ going through entry formalities in accordance with national relevant regulations.

9. School shall conduct self-inspection about the uses of donations on a regular basis; keep the donor informed of the uses and management of donations.

10. With regard to the fund set up by donors, the donee shall establish a relevant management organization and a relevant system of management, and in accordance with the donor’s will and the designated purpose, tighten the rules of management and use, and report the balance of funds to the donor on a regular basis.

With regard to the scholarships and fellowships set up by donors, school will appoint professionals to appraise and select within the scope designated by the donor. Alumni Association Office shall send representatives to participate in the work of review, and report timely relevant judging materials to the donor.

Donors have the right to monitor and raise an objection over the use and process of appraising and selecting scholarships and fellowships.

11. With regard to the donated projects, we shall ink a protocol with the donor to regulate the funds, construction, management and use of projects. Construction shall go strictly through certain procedures and project quality shall be guaranteed.

After the closure of a donated or aided project, we shall inform the donor of the project construction, construction funds, and acceptance of project quality, and a written confirmation or identification on the donated or aided project shall be issued to the donor.

The name of the donor, the amount of donation may be inscribed on the donated or aided project; the donor may also choose a name for the project donated by the donor alone or mainly by the donor.

12. After having solicited permission from the donors, the school shall acknowledge their deeds in the ways as follows:

Publicize the list of the donors, their financed projects, and donated sum in school publications or on the Alumni Association Network; the great deeds of extraordinary contributors shall be publicized and written into the history of ZZU.

School shall confer a relevant title of honor to the donating unit or individuals who have made unique contributions. According to the situation or personal will, we can name the donated laboratories, reading rooms, scenic spots on campus, roads after the donating units or individuals; award funds may be set up and be named after the donors; certificates, monuments, souvenirs may be conferred to the donors or their deeds are inscribed on the monument.

13. For those working units and people who have made outstanding achievements in the work of donation by providing information and raising or soliciting funds in the process of donation, school will honor and award them accordingly.

14. These measures will come into effect from the date of enactment. The interpretation right of the above details belongs to Alumni Association Office.