Jean-claude Dardelet, the Deputy Mayor of Toulouse, Visit Zhengzhou University

27 September,2016
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On May 25th, Jean-claude Dardelet, the deputy mayor of Toulouse and the vice chairman of the metropolitan circle of Toulouse responsible for the international relations, visited Zhengzhou University. President Liu Jiongtian met with the visiting guests.

Liu Jiongtian said that Zhengzhou University attached great importance to educational internationalization. Under the guidance of national strategic planning of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Area, it was hoped to build Zhengzhou airport economic college through cooperation with foreign universities. Moreover, he hoped that the visit of Dardelet could promote exchanges and cooperation between Zhengzhou University and universities in Toulouse.

Dardelet introduced the development of Toulouse in economy, international communication as well as the aerospace industry in recent years, and the basic situation of colleges and universities in Toulouse. He expressed that Zhengzhou University was welcomed to cooperate with Toulouse Business School and the Toulouse city.