Zhengzhou University was Formally Approved in the First Batch of Pilot Units of Local Colleges According to Chinaˊs “Development Program of International Model Academies”

27 September,2016
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Recently, the Academy of Medical Sciences in Zhengzhou University was formally approved as one of the first batch of pilot units of local colleges according to China’s “Development Program of International Model Academies”, and thus Zhengzhou University was in the first batch of local universities in the program.

″Development Program of International Model Academies″ launched in 2014 by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, aiming at comprehensive reform of China’s higher education field via systematic introduction of high-level overseas foreign experts team, and thus building international model academies, exploring the innovation of teaching, scientific research and management system and mechanism, promoting the development of higher education connotation, and boosting “First-class University and First-class Disciplines” construction. So far, 16 model academies in three batches have been incorporated into the “Development Program of International Model Academies”.

Zhengzhou University, as a local provincial university, was included in the first batch of international model universities. It was of positive significance to the internationalization of Zhengzhou University, and the speeding up of the construction of “First-class University” and “First-class Disciplines”.