The Academician Liu Jiongtian, President of Zhengzhou University, Visited Australian Universities

27 September,2016
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Recently, Liu Jiongtian, Academician and President of Zhengzhou University, visited The University of Western Australia and Monash University at invitation, launching educational exchanges.

At The University of Western Australia, President Liu Jiongtian met with Prof. Barry Marshall, winner of Nobel Prize in 2005. The two sides reviewed the cooperation in recent years, had detailed discussions on carrying out cooperation framework agreement made in November 2015 in Zhengzhou University, and came to an agreement on team development, organizational structure, operational mechanism and so on. During his stay, Mr. Liu also met with Ian Watt, Vice President of The University of Western Australia who was in charge of the international cooperation, and reached a preliminary agreement on the cooperation between the two universities.

At Monash University, President Liu Jiongtian held talks with Vice President Yu Aibing. Both sides came to the decision that based on the existing cooperation, cooperative fields would be further expanded, and a long-term cooperation mechanism would be built for the realization of complementary advantages. Moreover, two cooperation agreements on student exchange were signed. During the visit, Mr. Liu also visited the exchange students from Zhengzhou University who studied at Monash University.