Great Progress made in the preparation of 2D non-van der Waals heterostructures by Qun Xu Team

05 January,2021
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Recently, the research team, led by Professor Qun Xu of Zhengzhou University, has made positive progress in the preparation of two-dimensional non-van der Waals force transition metal nitride heterostructures. The paper, titled “ Interplanar Growth of 2D Non-Van der Waals Co2N-Based Heterostructures for Efficient Overall Water Splitting” has been published in top international journalAdvanced Energy Materials.The contributors are all from Zhengzhou University. The first authors are Jingyun Jiang, a postdoctoral researcher and Pengfei Yan, a PHD candidate. The corresponding co-authors are Professor Xinwei Cui and Professor Qun Xu.