School of Chemistry of Zhengzhou University Makes New Progress in Bifunctional Hydrogen Production from Carbon Dot Based Thermometal Hybrid Materials

18 February,2021
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 Recently, the research group of Lu Siyu, associate professor of the School of Chemistry, Zhengzhou University, has made new progress in the controllable preparation and catalytic hydrogen production of carbon dot based metal composites. The relevant achievements have been published in the leading chemical journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition as a paper entitled “Exploiting Ru-induced Lattice Strain in Coru Nanoalloys for Robust Bifunctional Hydrogen Production”. The first authors of this paper are Dr. Li Weidong from School of Chemistry of Zhengzhou University and Dr. Zhao Yunxuan from Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences; the corresponding authors are professor Huang Bolong (Theoretical Computing) and associate professor Lu Siyu from Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Zhengzhou University is the first author affiliation.