The First Science and Technology Project for Innovation Ecosystem Construction of Zhengzhou National Supercomputing Center Approved Officially

16 March,2021
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 Lately, the Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province and the Department of Finance of Henan Province jointly issued a notice that the first 13 Science and Technology projects for the construction of innovation ecosystem of Zhengzhou National Supercomputing Center were officially approved, and the special financial support fund was 43.1 million yuan. With the help of the special implementation, a number of key characteristic applications would be driven to run in Zhengzhou National Supercomputing Center, and the construction of supercomputing ecosystem with Henan characteristics was accelerated. It ensures that Zhengzhou National Supercomputing Center can be “built, managed, and used”, give full play to the supporting role of computing power, and promotes the sustainable development of the center.


This project is deployed and implemented around eight key areas of digital economy, social management, precision medicine, biological breeding, environmental governance, high-end equipment, artificial intelligence, and resources management determined by the provincial government executive meeting.