Ceremony for Cooperation Between Zhengzhou University and Xiyang Municipal Government

23 March,2021
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A ceremony was held at Xinyang Municipal Centre on February 2, for the signing of an agreement between ZZU and Xinyang municipal government to build Xinyang Central Hospital together and for the opening of Xinyang Affiliated Hospital and Dabie Mountains College of Zhengzhou University.


Those who attended the ceremony were Qiao Xinjiang (Deputy Director of the People’s Congress of Henan province and the party secretary of Xinyang city), Shang Chaoyang (Mayor of Xiyang), Cai Songtao (Standing Committee member of the municipal committee and Executive Vice Mayor of the city gonvernment), Lin Zhicheng (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive vice-president of Dabie Mountains Cadre College), Song Zhenghui (Party secretary of ZZU), Qu Lingbo (Standing Committee member of Party Committee and ) Vice President of ZZU), cadres in the relevant departments of the city government and Xinyang Centre Hospital, and staff in charge of the relevant functional departments of ZZU. Xie Tianxue, secretary-general of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the People’s Congress group of Xinyang, officiated at the ceremony.


Shang Chaoyang proclaimed in his speech that the joint effort between ZZU and Xinyang municipal government was of great significance for promoting the construction of medical and health service and cadre training system in South Henan. He expressed the hope that both sides take the opportunity to cooperate more comprehensively and deeply and to promote the implementation of other strategic cooperation.


Song Zhenghui said in his speech that the ceremony demonstrated pursuit of sincerity, pragmatism and innovation on both sides, and marked the substantive development of bilateral cooperation; Zhengzhou University would earnestly implement the contract, give full play to the university’s advantages in talents, disciplines, scientific research, medical care and think tanks, fully support the construction and development of the Hospital in resources and policies, create a good environment for its development, and provide a solid guarantee to enhance its comprehensive strength and core competitiveness. He pointed out that the ceremony marked a new stage in the joint development of the Dabie Mountains College, and expressed the hope that both sides enhance communication and collaboration to jointly support the college’s development.


On behalf of the two sides, Qu Lingbo and Cai Songtao respectively signed “The Agreement on Building Xinyang Central Hospital Between ZZU and Xiyang Municipal Government”. Qiao Xinjiang, Shang Chaoyang, Song Zhenghui, Ren Shuwei and Qu Lingbo jointly unveiled the plaque for Xinyang affiliated Hospital to the Universwtiy. Qiao Xinjiang, Shang Chaoyang, Song Zhenghui, Lin Zhicheng and Qu Lingbo jointly unveiled the plaque for Dabie Mountains College.