The signing ceremony of Zhengzhou University Luoyang Campus jointly built by Zhengzhou University and Luoyang Municipal People's Government was held in Luoyang

24 March,2021
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On the morning of February 10th, the signing ceremony of co-construction of ZZU Luoyang Campus by ZZU and Luoyang Municipal Government was held in Luoyang. The ceremony was attended by both leaders of Luoyang and ZZU, including Li Ya, member of the CPCPC Standing Committee and secretary of the CPC Luoyang Municipal Committee, Zhao Huisheng, deputy secretary of MC and Wang Yanjun, member of the CPCMC Standing Committee and executive deputy mayor, Song Zhenghui, secretary of the CPC of ZZU, Liu Jiongtian, vice chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and president of ZZU, and Qu Lingbo, the CPC Standing Committee member and vice president of ZZU. The ceremony was also attended by personnel in charge of the relevant departments of Luoyang and ZZU. He Min, deputy mayor of Luoyang presided over the ceremony.

Zhao Huisheng said in his speech thatthe construction of Luoyang Campus was to open a new era of university-local cooperation and would bring new momentum and vitality to the construction of key disciplines and the integrative development of production, education and research of ZZU, as well as the high-quality progress of modern Luoyang metropolitan area. He also said that the Luoyang would spare no efforts to support the construction of "Double First-Class" University of ZZU and the development of Luoyang Campus with a more active and promote school-local cooperation with a more positive attitude and effective measures to achieve win-win development.

Liu Jiongtian pointed out in his speech that Luoyang has always been a city people of Henan feel proud of.Next,on the one hand, ZZU should strive for the scientific orientation of the Campus, provide support for the development and industrial pattern of the sub-central cities, for the promotion of regionalstrategicsci-techforce and industry, for the gathering of talents and the cultivation of high-level talents. On the other hand, we should focus on three things: building the Henan Laboratory and linking it up with the state key laboratoriesattheenterprises inLuoyang; establishing theSchoolofCulture Relicsand Museums,incorporating the of Cultural Relics and Archeology Research Institute, Museums Research Institute andLongmen Grottoes Cultural Heritage Research Instituteof ZZUinto theacademysystem;enhancingthe academic capability and medical level of hospitals,to promote the management and operation of affiliated hospitals on the basis of non-directly affiliated hospitals,striving toestablish university hospitalstoprovide good service topeopleofLuoyang.In addition,the goal of campus constructionshould be achievedthrough the innovation ofsystemandmechanism. Onbehalf of ZZU,Qu Lingbo and Wang Yanjunsigned the Framework Agreement for theCo-construction ofZZULuoyangCampus by ZZUand LuoyangMunicipalGovernment.