A further progress in the field of flexible sensors has been made by National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Polymer Processing Technology of Zhengzhou University

31 March,2021
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Recently, the National Engineering Research CenterforAdvancedPolymerProcessingTechnologyofZhengzhou University has made a further progress in the field of wearable flexible sensors based on conductive polymer nanocomposites. The research result is published in the top journalAdvanced Functional Materialsas a paper entitled “Lightweight, Superelastic and Hydrophobic Polyimide Nanofiber /MXene Composite Aerogel for Wearable Piezoresistive Sensor and Oil/Water Separation Applications”. The first author of the paper Hu Liu, associate professor of National Engineering Research CenterforAdvancedPolymerProcessingTechnology, Zhengzhou University. The first student author is Xiaoyu Chen, a third-year postgraduate student from Zhengzhou University. The corresponding authors areassociateprofessorHu Liu,Prof. Chuntai Liu and research fellow Caofeng Pan from Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences.