The School of Physics of Zhengzhou University Has Made Positive Progress in the Development of New Copper-based Halide White LED

02 April,2021
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Recently, the School of Physics of Zhengzhou University has made significant progress in the research of new copper-based halide White LED. The relevant achievements have been published in the internationalwell-knownjournalAdvanced Materialsas a paper entitled “High Color-Rendering Index and Stable White Light-Emitting Diodes by Assembling Two Broadband Emissive Self-Trapped Excitons”, whichischosen for the cover of the journal. Zhengzhou University is the first author affiliation. Ma Zhuangzhuang, a PhD student enrolled in 2019, is the first author. Associate Professor Shi Zhifeng, Professor Shan Chongxin and Professor Zhang LijunfromJilin University are the corresponding authors.