The Sino-German Low Carbon and Green Development Forum and the Inauguration of Sino-German Institute for Carbon Neutralization and Green Development were held in Zhengzhou University

21 June,2021
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On April 26, the Sino-German Low Carbon and Green Development Summit Forum and the inauguration of Sino-German Institute of Carbon Neutralization and Green Development, sponsored by Zhengzhou University(ZZU) and Technische Universität Clausthal(TU Clausthal), was held in the main campus of Zhengzhou University. Du Xiangwan,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) and the former vice President of CAE, Academician Wang Jinnan from Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning, Academician Hou Zhengmeng from Technische Universität Clausthal, Liu Jiongtian, Vice Chairman of Henan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and President of ZZU, and Jiao Fei, Deputy Director of Department of Ecology and Environment of Henan Province attended the meeting. More than 30 experts and scholars participated in it by means of online or offline.The meeting was chaired by Han Guohe, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of ZZU.

Liu Jiongtian delivered a speech, highlighting Henan's energy revolution and industrial revolution as the research focus of Sino-German Institute for Carbon Neutralization and Green Development. His speech also proposed active performance of the institute in its fulfillment of 3 tasks: to carry out strategic research and consulting, to carry out key technological research to support industrial reforms so as to set an example for and take the lead in low-carbon green development with engineering technology breakthrough, and to explore and innovate international and domestic government-industry-university-research cooperation systems and mechanisms, and provide scientific and technological support for green development technology systems and carbon neutralization and green low-carbon recycling in governments, industries, enterprises.

Jiao Fei affirmed the important role of Zhengzhou University in driving the development of ecological environment industry with science and technology and said that the all-round cooperation with Sino-German Institute for Carbon Neutralization and Green Development will be strengthened and the problems in governance system and technology will be jointly resolved by a full use of the institute’s innovative power and of its role as a strategic think-tank.

Jiao Fei and Han Guohe signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides.Academician Liu Jiongtian and Academician Hou Zhengmeng inaugurated the Sino-German Institute for Carbon Neutralization and Green Development.

Subsequently, Academician Du Xiangwan, Academician Hou Zhengmeng, Academician Wang Jinnan, Professor Li Zheng of Tsinghua University, Academician Hans-Peter Beck of TU Clausthal, and Professor Zhang Ruiqin of ZZU respectively made keynote speeches, including "Thoughts on the Implementation of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization", "Opportunity or Challenge?-How to Achieve Carbon Neutralization in China" .