ZZU helps the national manned space programs

14 September,2021
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On August 20, Chinese astronautsconductedthe secondextravehicular mission smoothly andcompleted twoextravehicular activities (EVAs)so far. The key component of the extravehicular spacesuits —the helmet window componentset,wasdesigned by Zhengzhou University (ZZU).

Professor Liu Chuntai introduced, the helmet window component set of extravehicular spacesuits is the window for astronautsdoing EVAsto observe outside world, providing a clear and good vision forthem. Being the weakestlinkin the spacesuits, the helmet windows would confront huge pressure, and risk the life of astronauts in the event of any cracks. A series of simulations in the strict procedures of blasting, impact, and thermal radiation have gone through, with a higherdemandin the quality of molding put forward to ensure the safety of astronauts.