Positive Progress Made in the Field of Nano Material Tumor Therapy

23 September,2021
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Recently, the research group of Professor Zang Shuangquan from the Chemistry School of Zhengzhou University has made continuous progress in the field of tumor diagnosis and treatment. Two papers,Edge confined covalent organic framework with efficient biocompatibility and photothermic conversion,andEnantiomeric alkynyl-protected Au10clusters with chirality-dependentradiotherapy enhancing effectswere published in the international top journalnano today.

Doctoral student Li Bingjie, Grade 2018 and Doctoral student Jia Tongtong, Grade 2016 are the first authors of the two papers respectively. Professor Zang Shuangquan and Dr. PengPeng,Professor Chen Xiaoyuan and Dr.Zhaoxueli are the corresponding authors respectively. The first communication institute is Zhengzhou University.