Progress in Anti-counterfeiting of Diamond-Based Flexible Physical Non-clonable Functions has been Made by the School of Physics of ZZU

01 October,2021
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Recently, major progress has been made in researches of diamond-based flexible physical non-clonable functions by the Diamond Optoelectronic Materials and Devices team of the School of Physics. As the relevant results of the study, the paper entitled ‘Flexible and Biocompatible Physical Unclonable Function Anti-Counterfeiting Label’ was published inAdvanced Functional Materials, a leading international journal. The co-first authors are Hu Yuwei, a graduate student of the School of Physics, and Zhang Taiping, a professor in the Chengdu Micro Pacific Center. The corresponding authors are associated professor Liu Kaikai, Prof. Dong Lin and Prof. Shan Chongxin of the School of Physics of ZZU.