The postgraduate team of Zhengzhou University wins the national champion of the 3rd China Postgraduate Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition

31 January,2022
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From December 11thto 14th, the third national final of the China Graduate Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition was held in Shenzhen. Under the guidance of Professor Fang Hongyuan and Professor Wang Niannian of The College of Hydraulic Science and Engineering, the project “Highway Disease Full-space Intelligent Diagnosis System Integrated with Multi-source Perception Data” by graduate students Maduo, Dong Jiaxiu, Hu Haobang and Pang Gaozhao won the national champion. The three team works that won the second prize of the National Prize were “Insect Inspired Target Acquisition and Escape System Research” by graduate students Yang Qingyan, Sun Siyuan, Li Qian and Li Liangliang under the guidance of Associate Professor Wang Songwei; “Intelligent Sensing Platform for Safety Status of Lithium Battery Storage Power Station” by graduate students Li Yaowei, Zhang Junzhao, Shi Shuang and Ma Shiqi team under the guidance of Associate Professor Jiang Xin and Teacher Zhang Zhong; “Nuclear Fuel Pellets End Face Defect Detection System Based on Multi-mode Structured Light and Deep Learning” by graduate students Ren Wenyi, Zhou Jun, Yang Ke and Li Fengyu under the guidance of Associate Professor Zhang Bin of the School of Physics. Zhengzhou University was awarded Excellent Organization Unit.