A Number of Summer Social Field Teams of ZhengZhou University Selected as National Level

13 July,2022
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Lately, the list of national and provincial key teams of the 2022 “ Bring science and literacy knowledge and offer medical service to rural areas” summer social practice activities of college students was announced. The Rural Revitalization Promotion group of “ Focusing on the countryside , Remembering the Origin”, the Theory Popularization Propaganda group of “ Practice in ZhengZhou, Here We Go”, the Development Achievement Observation group of “ Welcome the 20thNational Congress , Forge ahead a New Journey” , and the National Unity Practice group of “ Promoting Culture, Strengthening Identity” were selected as the national key level.

The Development Achievement Observation group of “ You and me, Zheng Young” and the History of CPC learning and Education group of “ Red Boat Sailing” were selected as the provincial key teams.