Professor Qu Lingbo's team of Zhengzhou University has made new progress in the research of fluorescence imaging of lipid droplets' polarity

25 July,2022
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Recently, Professor Qu Lingbo's team of Zhengzhou University has made innovative progress in the research of lipid droplet imaging based on carbon dots.The team has developed a new type of fluorescent carbon dots whose emission spectrum changes ultrasensitively with polarity, and has been successfully used to accurately measure the heterogeneity of the lipid droplets’ polarity between cancer cells and normal cells.The relevant results are entitledHigh-fidelity Carbon Dots Polarity Probes: Revealing the Heterogeneity of Lipids in Oncology.They are published onLight : Science and Applications,a top journal in the field of optical research. Hu Jingyu, a doctoral student of the College of Chemistry of Zhengzhou University, is the lead author, and Professor Li Zhaohui is the corresponding author.

This research work has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Central Plains Scholars Foundation, Overseas Expertise Introduction Project for Discipline Innovation (“111 Project”) and and the Science and Technology Innovation Team of Universities in Henan Province.