The team of Professor Qu Lingbo of ZZU published a review article in an international authoritative journal

29 August,2022
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Prof. Qu Lingbo’s team from Zhengzhou University recently published a review paper entitled“Natural Flavylium-Inspired Far-Red to NIR-II Dyes and Their Applications as Fluorescent Probes for Biomedical Sensing”inChemical Society Reviews, a top international review journal in the field of chemistry. This paper reviews the present situation of anthocyanin dyes with emission wavelengths ranging from deep red to near-infrared and their application as fluorescent probes in the field of biomedical sensing. The existing challenges and development prospects are also prospected.Associate Professor Sun Yuanqiang from the School of Chemistry of ZZU is the first author, and Professor Li Zhaohui of ZZU and Professor Guo Wei of Shanxi University are the co-corresponding authors of the paper.

The research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Program for Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of Henan Universities, and the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Research Project.