Students Won Gold and Silver Medals in Henan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

05 January,2023
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    At the 9th Henan Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition which concluded in Luoyang, Henan province, five students (Tian Shen, Yang Yifan, Liu Chenguang, Liu Wei and He Zhengqiao) from School of Physics of Zhengzhou University won the Gold award for their innovative project “Leak Detection Expert”; five students (Tan Hao, Zhang Qingqing, Zhang Zihan, Xiong Zishan and Xing Di) from School of Materials Science and Engineering won the silver award for their project “Yumembrane Creativity: the Explorer of CCM Membrane Electrode Based on Highly Efficient and Stable Orr Catalyst”. In addition, the industrialization project incubated by “LEAK Detection Expert” project received funding from the 2022 China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Program.