Professor Li Fuguang and his Team from the College of Agriculture of ZZU Created a New Type of Colored Fiber Cotton

08 January,2023
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      Recently, a research team led by Li Fuguang from the College of Agriculture of ZZU, successfully enriched beet erythroxin in cotton fiber through transgenic technology and created cotton with pink fiber, providing new ideas for cultivating multi-type cotton with colorful fiber through genetic engineering. As the relevant results of the study, the paper entitled "Development of an Eco-friendly Pink Cotton Germplasm by Engineering Betalain Biosynthesis Pathway" was published online in the Plant Biotechnology Journal, a botanical journal.

        Researcher Li Fuguang is the corresponding author of the paper and Dr. Ge Xiaoyang is the first author. The College of Agriculture of ZZU is the first author unit. This research was supported by Innovation Research Group of NSFC, Science and Technology Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yazhou Bay Seed Laboratory and Sanya Research Institute of ZZU.