Students from Zhengzhou University win the champion of “2022 China Robot Competition and RoboCup China Competition”

22 January,2023
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Recently, the 2022 China Robot Competition and RoboCup China Competition was held online. The teachers and students from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering of Zhengzhou University participated in the competition on behalf of the school and achieved excellent results. With Deng Jicai as the instructor, the “Shenxiang Team Ⅱ” composed of undergraduates Pei Qinglong, Li Chuangye and Zhou Ahman who were enrolled in 2020 prepared for the competition actively and fought hard. Finally, with their outstanding performance in the competition, they have won the champion of “Martial Arts Arena -Man-machine Coordinated Attack and Defense Competition”. The “ZZU_FLY” team led by Ren Haichuan has won the second prize in this competition.