The School of Chemistry of ZZU has made a continuous progress in the research of metal nanoclusters catalysis

27 January,2023
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        The research team led by Prof. Zang Shuangquan of the School of Chemistry has made a steady important progress in the preparation of atomic-scale accurate metal nanocluster catalysts and the study of electrocatalytic reduction reaction. A series of original research papers have been published in the international top journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition, which coversLigand-Shell Engineering of a Au28 Nanocluster Boosts Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction”, “Mediating CO2 Electroreduction Activity and Selectivity over Atomically Precise Copper ClustersandElectropolymerization of Metal Clusters Establishing a Versatile Platform for Enhanced Catalysis Performance”. The first authors of the thesis are respectively Wang Jie(a doctoral candidate), Liu Lijuan (a postgraduate), and Wang Yiman (a doctoral candidate); The corresponding authors are Professor Zang Shuangquan. The School of Chemistry of ZZU is the first author unit and communication unit of the papers.