The final acceptance results of the ninth batch of key disciplines in Henan Province were announced, Zhengzhou University achieved excellent results

24 July,2023
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Recently, the Henan Provincial Department of Education issued the “Notice on the Announcement of the Final Acceptance Results of the Ninth Batch of Key Disciplines in Henan Province”. The construction disciplines were comprehensively evaluated from five aspects, including the completion degree of task objectives, the reasonableness of task objectives, the construction level of existing disciplines, the funding support, and the sustainable development, and the acceptance results have been comprehensively determined through the links of school self-evaluation, online publicity, and expert review. All 47 of Zhengzhou University's ninth batch of first-level key disciplines in Henan Province have passed the final acceptance, of which 37 disciplines have been rated as “excellent” and 10 disciplines have been rated as “qualified”.

A total of 289 first-level key disciplines in Henan province participated in the final acceptance, and 47 first-level key disciplines from Zhengzhou University participated in the evaluation, accounting for 16.26% of the total; 105 disciplines are rated as “excellent” in the province, with an excellent rate of 36.3%; 37 disciplines from Zhengzhou University are rated “excellent”, accounting for 35.2% of the province's excellent disciplines, and the excellence rate of our university is 78.7%, ranking first in the province, 2.17 times the province's overall excellence rate, and 35 percentage points higher than the university in the second place.