Zhengzhou University Students Representing China Participated in the U23 Korfball Championships and created the Best Score in History

27 September,2016
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ZZU Students, Representing China,Participated in the U23 Korfball Championships and got 5th Place

The Seventh World U23 Korfball Championships was held in Czech Republic from July 9th to 16th, 2016. China national korfball team, composed of teachers and students from Zhengzhou University, participated in the match. Finally, the Netherlands, Chinese Taipei and Czech Republic (the Host ) won the first, second and third place respectively. China won the fifth place, a record high.

The championship was divided into three phases: group stage, cross match and the finals. In the group stage, the Chinese team and the top teams like the Netherlands team, the Hungary team, the Turkey team, the Czech Republic team, the South African team were in the same group. With three wins and two defeats, ranking the third in the group stage, the Chinese team went into the second phase of cross match. In the cross match, China defeated Chinese Hong Kong 30-22 and won the chance for the fifth or sixth place. Later on, the Chinese team played against the strong Hungary team again and defeated it 17-15, winning the fifth place in this championship, a record high since the seventh place in the Tenth Korfball World Championship in 2015.

The Chinese team, with indomitable spirit and a quality of not being conceited or rash, has received high praise from officials of International Association of Korfball and foreign friends. The officials of International Association of Korfball say that the development of Chinese korfball has made considerable progress and made significant contributions to the worldwide korfball development. They hope that China will achieve greater progress in the 2017 World Games.