2017 Cross-border E-commerce Assembly Held Superbly in Zhengzhou

20 April,2017
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2017 Cross-border E-commerce Assembly Held Superbly in Zhengzhou

On March 30, 2017 Cross-border E-commerce Assembly, one major event of the 11th China (Henan) International Investment Trade Symposium was held in Zhengzhou. It was sponsored by Henan People’s government, jointly undertaken by Commerce Department of Henan Province, Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone Construction Office of Henan Province, Zhengzhou University, Henan Institute for Coordinated Development of E-commerce and Logistics. Present at the assembly were famous CEOs or chief representatives home and abroad, such as Microsoft, Google and Alibaba etc, and famous specialists and experts from many countries and regions, like UK, India, Singapore, New Zealand, Chile and Hong Kong, etc. President Academician Liu Jiongtian of ZZU attended the meeting.

The assembly with “New Trend, New Fusion and New Drive” as the theme, invited leaders and chiefs of government agencies, corporate executives and managers of cross-border E-commerce industry chains, related experts and specialists etc, to deliver speeches at the assembly, encouraging them to contribute good ideas for how to strengthen cross-border E-commerce industrial exchanges and cooperation, propel the fusion and development of substantial economy and cross-border E-commerce, construct complete industry chains and ecosystems of cross-border E-commerce and accelerate nurturing foreign trade back to stability and prospect and fostering new drives for economic transformation and updating.

President Academician Liu delivered a theme speech to the assembly, pointing out that cross-border E-commerce is of great strategic significance to promoting the development of regional economy and society and construction of Henan Free Trade Zone, facilitating transformation and updating of industry, and structuring modern industrial system etc. As a major bonding point between science and technology as the first productivity and talents as the first resources, Zhengzhou University would undertake the important mission of providing talents guarantee and intellectual support for the development of cross-border E-commerce. ZZU, united with several units such as Commerce Department of Henan Province, jointly established Henan Institute for Coordinated Development of E-Commerce and Logistics. This new body will target at building a first-rate high-level platform for E-commerce and logistics in China, continuing to deepen and extend the research in the coordinated development of E-commerce and logistics, promoting the transformation and updating of local economies and the innovation of industrial cluster modes, boosting the progress of Henan E-commerce industry.

Shuqing, Vice Governor of Henan introduced to the assembly about the development of Henan E-commerce, extending warm invitations to the E-commerce businesses home and abroad, wishing more leading enterprises of E-commerce come to speed up their strategic layout in Henan.

The assembly also set up three brand forums, i.e., “One Belt and One Road” and Cross-border E-commerce, “Wisdom Logistics” Lean Services for Cross-border E-commerce, and Cross-border E-Commerce Safety Supply Chains Service, which have drawn more than 100 articles of various kinds.(translator Song Gencheng)