Zensun Group Donates 100 Million RMB for ZZU’s First-rate University Construction

28 March,2018
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Zensun Group Donates 100 Million RMB for ZZU’s First-rate University Construction

On Feb.7, a donation ceremony of ZZU Zensun Education Development Foundation was held on main campus, which was set up by a donation of 100 million RMB by Zensun Group founded by ZZU alumnus Mr. Zhang Jingguo in 1979. It was intended to boost the first-rate university construction of ZZU, and support the development of Institute of Finance(school) etc.

Party Secretary Niu Shucheng first delivered a speech. He said, Alumnus Zhang Jingguo’s 100 million of donation for Alma Mater expressed his deep affections for ZZU, and set a good example for both masses of alumni and social donation for promoting education. He extended invitation to the masses of ZZU alumni to come back for a visit, and to add constantly new dynamics for constructing a first-rate Alma Mater University.

Mr. Zhang Jingguo recalled his beautiful memories of the days when he was studying in ZZU, and admitted that the cultivation of Alma Mater and dear teachers laid a solid foundation for his future progress. He called on the masses of alumni and social communities to join hands in serving the training of large numbers of superb finance people, helping Henan become a powerful province in financial service industry, and constructing Zhengzhou City into a national central city and regional financial center as well as making positive contributions to the development of Henan economy.

At the ceremony, President Liu Jiongtian accepted Alumnus Zhang Jingguo’s donation and gave a gift in return, which is a memoir plaque on which writes “Wo Ze Hong Men” in pinyin ( referring to doing great favors to the School) which was handwritten by Mr. Zhanghai, Dean of School of Calligraphy, the former President of Chinese Calligraphy Association.(translator Song Gencheng)