Opening Ceremony and Welcome Gala for ZZU 2018 Freshmen

21 November,2018
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Opening Ceremony and Welcome Gala for ZZU 2018 Freshmen

On September 16th, the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Gala for 2018 Freshmen were held at the main campus of ZZU. Present at the meeting were university leaders, including Niu Shucheng, Liu Jiongtian, Qu Lingbo, Li Xingcheng, Gu Zhenqing, Han Guohe, and Wu Hongyang, Academician Gao Jun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chair Professor of the Smart City Research Institute, Nan Zhenzhong, the former editor-in-chief of Xinhua News Agency, chair professor of journalism and communication, academician He Jilin of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Wu Yangjie of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Song Yanlin as alumni representative, researcher of the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chair professor of Changjiang Scholars, joined by the representatives of the headmasters of middle schools as good-quality enrollment bases for ZZU, chiefs of key administrative offices, faculties and schools, teacher representatives, all 2018 freshmen. Deputy Secretary Jia Shaoxin of university party committee, presided over the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony started in the majestic national anthem.

Vice President Qu Lingbo announced the “Zhengzhou University’s decision to honor outstanding undergraduates in 2018.”

University Party Secretary Niu Shucheng awarded the honorary certificates to the 2018 outstanding undergraduate students.

Li Yifei from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, on behalf of undergraduate freshmen, Doctoral candidate Hu Yu from Academy of Medical Science, on behalf of postgraduate freshmen, Chen Gentang on behalf of parents of freshmen, alumni representative research fellow Song Yanlin, Prof. Xu Mingliang from School of Information Engineering as a representative of faculty, delivered speeches respectively.

Academician Liu gave a speech entitled “Honoring Excellence”.

The 2018 freshmen took a solemn oath that they would bear in mind the historical mission of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and strive to become youths of the times.

After the opening ceremony, a welcome gala themed with “Refueling ZZU” was held, winning the universal acclaims of the freshmen with its wonderful programs.(translator Song Gencheng)