ZZU Holds 2019 Sunshine Sports Games

07 June,2019
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ZZU Holds 2019 Sunshine Sports Games

On April 11, an opening ceremony for ZZU 2019 Sunshine Sports Games was grandly held in Benyuan Stadium. University leaders attended the ceremony, including Niu Shucheng, Liu Jiongtian, Qu Lingbo, Li Xingcheng, Zhang Qianhong, Gu Zhenqing, Xu Dongsheng, Guan Shaokang, Han Guohe, Wu Hongyang and Zhao Minghao, joined by Nicholas Lemoine, both Academician of the British Academy of Medical Sciences and Foreign Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dean of the Academy of Medical Sciences of ZZU, Ma Jiansheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Sias International University, and Liu Weihua, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Dean of Physical Education College of ZZU, as well as nearly 20,000 teachers and students from more than 40 schools (departments).

President Academician Liu, delivered an opening speech. Representatives of the athletes and the referees took the oath.

At the opening ceremony, accompanied by the vigorous ”Athleteˊs Marche,” the national flag escort walked past the podium at a uniform pace, followed by athletes from 39 schools (departments). They all looked energetic and high-spirited, fully showing the vigorous spirit of ZZU students.

Large-scale group gymnastics performance “China Power” kicked off, with more than 1,000 teachers and students presenting two chapters of wonderful performance. The first chapter, “Great Beauty of China”, was performed by 800 female students from various schools (departments). The second chapter, “Spring Drum”, was performed by nearly 1,000 female faculty members from 55 grass-root units. The drums and cheers gathered together into a sea of joy and harmony, bringing the opening ceremony to its climax.

Niu Shucheng, secretary of the party committee of ZZU, declared the opening of 2019 Sports Games.(translator Song Gencheng)