2019 “ZZU Cup” Eurasian Korfball Championship Has Opened

27 August,2019
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2019 “ZZU Cup” Eurasian Korfball Championship Has Opened

On June 6, The 2019 “ZZU Cup” Eurasian Korfball Championship was opened in the Center Stadium on main campus.

The event was attended by Zheng Weiming, Secretary-General of the Asian Korfball Federation, President of Hong Kong Korfball Association of China, Kees Rdenburg, President of the Royal Dutch Korfball Association, Huang Jinhong, Secretary-General of the Korfball Branch of Federation University Sports of China, Wang Bingqi, Deputy Director-general of the Henan Provincial Sports Bureau, Gao Xiang, Deputy Director of the Sports and Health Arts Department of the Henan Education Department, and Gu Zhenqing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of ZZU. The opening ceremony was presided over by Vice President Wu Hongyang.

In his speech, Gu Zhenqing introduced the basic situation of ZZU and the development of the korfball here. He noted that ZZU stresses and vigorously supports the development of the sport of korfball, which has taken a leading position in China and formed the spirit of “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence” of ZZU korfball sport. The sport of Korfball has become one of ZZU’s beautiful namecards. He said that ZZU would go all out to be a good host and hold a successful match to make new contributions for the development of korfball.

Zheng Weiming read out a congratulatory letter from Dr. Jan Fransoo, President of the International Korfball Federation. Fransoo said in the letter that Zhengzhou, as the center of the land-based Silk Road and the Eurasian Land Bridge, just held the international competition at the right time. He believed that with the joint efforts of all sides, the competition would be a complete success.

Wang Bingqi announced the opening of 2019 Eurasian Korfball Championship of ZZU Cup.

Subsequently, the opening game was played between China and New Zealand, and China won by 20:12.