ZZU Holds Opening Ceremony and Welcome Evening Party for 2019 Freshmen

29 November,2019
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ZZU Holds Opening Ceremony and Welcome Evening Party for 2019 Freshmen

On the evening of September 28th, the opening ceremony and welcome evening party for 2019 freshmen were held at Benyuan Stadium on main campus. The event was attended by ZZU leaders, including Niu Shucheng, Liu Jiongtian, Li Xingcheng, Gu Zhenqing, Zhang Qianhong, Xu Dongsheng, Wu Hongyang, Zhao Minghao, and Nan Zhenzhong, the former editor-in-chief of Xinhua News Agency, Chair professor of the School of Journalism and Communication, and Wu Yangjie, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chair professor of the Faculty of Chemistry, and Academician Xi Zhenfeng, alumni representative, Director of Beijing molecule Science of the National Research Center, Nick Lemoine, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dean of the Academy of Medical Sciences, and joined by representative of the headmasters of the Excellent Student enrollment Bases of ZZU, chiefs of various departments of the university and of all the schools or colleges, teacher representatives, and all freshmen of 2019. Jia Shaoxin, deputy secretary of the school party committee, presided over the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony kicked off in the majestic national anthem.

Vice President Zhang Qianhong announced “ZZU’s Decision on Honoring 2019 Excellent Undergraduates”.

Niu Shucheng, university party secretary, awarded the honorary certificate to the representatives of 2019 outstanding undergraduate students.

Undergraduate freshmen representative, Sun Yilin, School of Management Engineering, graduate student representative, Li Jiannan, School of Materials Science and Engineering, freshman representative Li Xiuxia, alumni representative, Academician Xi Zhenfeng of CAS, teacher representative, ZZU First Affiliated Hospital (First Clinical College) Dean Sun Yingpu made speeches separately.

President Academician Liu Jiongtian gave a speech entitled “Start School early this year.” He led all teachers and students to shout “Long live the motherland”, paying tribute to the great motherland. He encouraged the new students to take on the great mission entrusted by the great era, let this yearˊs school start early become to get up early every morning, become a positive and uplifting life, and stride to meet red sun every day!

The 2019 freshmen solemnly took an oath that they would bear in mind the historical mission of the national rejuvenation and ZZU People’s quest, and strive to be a promising youth of the times.

The opening ceremony ended in the loud and exciting “Singing for Motherland”. What followed was welcome freshmen party with the theme of “marking the 70th anniversary, building a first-Class University” .

Before the opening ceremony, the activity of “Youths professing to motherland” was also held. All the freshmen sang songs “My Motherland and I” and “Heaven Glorifies China” jointly professing to their motherland.