ZZU Sends Consolation Letters to Overseas Cooperative Universities and Institutions

16 April,2020
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ZZU Sends Consolation Letters to Overseas Cooperative Universities and Institutions

The virus respects no borders, but there is true love in the world. When the COVID-19 epidemic was raging in China, overseas friendly universities and scientific research institutions unceasingly expressed consolations and sent blessings and supports to ZZU. Today seeing the world is being plagued by the virus, ZZU has sent her sincere greetings to overseas universities and institutions at prime time, joining hands with them to fight the epidemic and push through hard times.

At present, ZZU leaders have sent letters to more than 50 closely cooperating colleges and institutions in the severely affected countries, including Queen Mary University of London, University of Surrey, University of California, Riverside, University of Maryland, University of Duisburg-Essen, Complutense University of Madrid, Lisbon University of Portugal, University of Western in Canada, Monash University in Australia, Busan University in South Korea, the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Istituto Universitario Orientale di NAPOLI, the International Korfball Federation and the Royal Dutch Korfball Association. In the letter, ZZU wishes that during this hard time, all parties need to strengthen cooperation, support and encourage each other to jointly win this war. At the same time, ZZU will provide help within her ability, looking forward to further deepening exchanges and cooperation with oversea institutions of higher education after defeating the epidemic.

And our letters have been replied. Colin Bailey, president of Queen Mary University of London, wrote back to give positive comments on all efforts made by the scientists and doctors of ZZU and Queen Mary University in jointly fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic. Donald L. Birx, president of Plymouth State University, expressed his gratitude and wishes for further cooperation with ZZU after the epidemic. Neil Quigley, president of Waikato University in New Zealand, said that the epidemic has made us more cherish the friendship between the two schools and he wished all people can come together to overcome the epidemic. President of Lisbon University in Portugal appreciated China’s perseverance in domestic epidemic prevention and control and its efforts for world epidemic prevention and control, hoping that the two countries and two universities will continue to deepen friendship and promote cooperation after the epidemic. Kees Rodenburg, president of the Royal Dutch korfball Association, thanked ZZU for her condolences and support to the Netherlands during the epidemic. He highly acknowledged the cooperation with ZZU in the field of korfball, and hoped to further boost the cooperation between the two parties and the development of the korfball sports. President Max Lu of the University of Surrey in UK and President Elda Morlicchio of Istituto Universitario Orientale di NAPOLI, etc. also wrote back to express their gratitude and willingness to push through hard times together.

In addition, the chiefs of related departments in ZZU, various first-class disciplines, international cooperation platforms and project, and doctoral tutors of jointly training PHD candidates have also contacted overseas cooperative institutions to express their concerns and sympathy and their willingness to provide help within their ability. They have discussed the adjustments of exchanges and cooperation arrangements in this year and conducted cooperative research concerning the COVID-19, and prepared for the smooth implementation of various plans after the epidemic. ZZU’s efforts have paid off, receiving positive responses and support from the partners.