Joint Postgraduate Enrollment of Academy of Management Engineering of Zhengzhou University and Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

27 September,2016
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Academy of Management Engineering (AME in short) of Zhengzhou University (ZZU in short), Eastern International Education Exchange Center of China Scholarship Council and CNAM will cooperate to choose excellent students to pursue Master of Administration in France. This program is suitable to the junior student who has completed the courses in whole-day high education university or the graduate who has owned the master degree. These students will be raised by “1+1”model that is to study all the first-year management courses of CNAM for graduate in ZZU firstly, the second-year courses in CNAM after they pass the first-year course examinations secondly, and at last acquire the master degree from CNAM when the students pass all the courses. All the courses both in ZZU and CNAM are English- taught.

CNAM lies in the center of Paris, subordinate to the Ministry of Education in France. CNAM built in 1794 when the French revolutionary was carried on, is one of the biggest comprehensive universities with long history in France. The designer of Eiffel Tower Alexandre Gustave Eiffel and the designer of Liberty of Goddess Bartholdi, Frederic-Auguste graduated from this school.

CNAM has the education qualification of undergraduate, graduate and doctorate. The degree issued by CNAM is verified by French Ministry of Education, and admitted by all coordinated countries including China.


1. Famous Schools Cooperation and Quality Guarantee

2. Strict management and China- France Coordination

3. Pre-graduate Model and Saving both money and time

4. English-French Bilingual-Taught , and IELTS Score Available

5. Authorized Qualification and Visa Insurance

6. No Limitation to Professional Background

Course Arrangement

CNAM-IIM English-taught has 2 learning years. In the first year students will learn the basic theory of management, and in the second year students could choose one orientation considering their interest and professional intention from project management, comprehensive quality management and sustainable development, management consultation and management reform direction and international business.


Every class will recruit 20 students according to the enrollment, comprehensive evaluation scores and interviews.

The first learning stage in China (October, 2016- August, 2017):

1. The applicant should complete the junior courses and make sure to acquire the bachelorˊs degree when he will graduate, or the Chinese graduate with bachelor degree.

2. Students with different majors are all available.

The second learning stage (October, 2017- July, 2018)

1. English IELTS score should be more than 6.0(the score would not be provided in enrollment)

2. The qualification certificate of the first stage course should be provided by ZZU.

3. Undergraduate diploma and bachelor’s degree should be provided.


Address: CNAM office in the sixth floor of office building, Academy of Management Engineering, New Campus, Zhengzhou University, No.100, Kexue Road

Contact: Teacher Zhang,

Tel: 0371-67781657


Address: the second floor, No.6 building in Heyuan, ZZU, No.100, Kexue Road

Contact: Teacher Kong

Tel: 13598057588 0371-67739766


International exchange and cooperation office

Academy of Management Engineering

18 May, 2016