Faculty Recruitment of inflammation and infection immunity center of Academy of Medical Sciences at Zhengzhou University

27 September,2016
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The Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) of Zhengzhou University (ZZU) is a newly constituted entity designed according to the new system in ZZU to build top-level disciplines, enhance the University’s capability and capacityin science and technology innovation, and promote internationalization of medical and scientific research. AMS recruited Professor Nick Lemoine as the Dean, who is a renowned specialist in translational medicine and academic administration. Nick is aFellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, as well as the Medical Director of the ClinicalResearch Networkof the National Institute for Health Research in the UK. The Cell and GeneTherapy Center is ledby Professor Wang Yaohe, who is an expert in cell and gene therapy for cancer at Queen Mary University of London.

The center is developedfrom theSino-BritishResearch Center for Molecular Oncology jointly established by ZZU and Queen Mary Universityof London in 2006. Over thelast 10 years, the center has focused on design and construction ofcell and genetherapies, and made translationof novel approaches to tumor control as itskey point. They have secured key project, general project and young investigator grants from the National Natural Science Foundation, an international key special project grant funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, China-UK Innovation Awards and Chinese-European Pathology Award, threediscovery patents, as well as publishing papers in the top international journals.

In 2014, this Center was approved to be the first National Cell and Gene Therapy International Research Center by the Ministry of Science and Technology in China.

Recently, the Center has built several advanced technology platforms:

(1)Technology Platform for Construction and Purification of Virus Vectors for Gene Therapy

(2)Evaluation Technology Platform using Novel Transgenic Animal Models for Evaluation of Safety and Effectiveness of Advanced Therapeutics

(3)Research and Development Platform for CancerImmunotherapy in Prevention and Therapy

(4)Technology Platform for Cellular Gene Editing

Recently, the Center has made important advancesin the study of new vaccinesbased ononcolytic viruses, as well as developing novel animal models of disease. The specially designed facilitiesfor preparation of cell and gene therapiesmeeting international GMP standards have been constructed by ZZU, which will accelerate translational studies towards clinical trials in cancer patients.

As part ofthe “International Talent Zone” strategy of AMS and the development plans of the center,newPrincipal Investigators, staff scientists and postdoctoral research staff are now being recruited.

1. Two Principal Investigator positions as Senior Professor

Requirement: To be considered for Principal Investigator/Senior Professor, the candidate should be a Professor in an overseas University or research institute, younger than 55 years old, be working in the field of cell and gene therapy, and made significant achievements in tumor biology, stem cell biology, immunology or virology. The researcher will have directed research with international influence, and published highly cited papers in the leading international journalsasa corresponding author, developed cutting-edge technology, acquired patents, and other markers of esteem. ZZU will help outstanding candidates to apply for the“Thousand Talents Plan”.

2. Two Principal Investigator positions as Professor/AssociateProfessor

Requirement: the candidate should have a PhD degree with several years of postdoctoral training or industrial experience, be working in the fields of cancer biology, immunology, stem cells, virology, systems biology (bioinformatics) etc. The candidate should have a track-record for excellence in research and potential to become a leader of his/her field. Depending on the overall qualification, the applicant can be considered for professor or associate professor. ZZU will help the outstanding candidates to apply forthe “Thousand Young Talents Plan”.

3. Four Staff Scientists

Requirement: the candidate should be younger than 40 years old with a PhD degree in the field of biomedical sciences and scientific publications in highly cited journals as the first author. The candidates will be capable of working independently and supervising postdocs, postgraduate students and other young scientists in the group. The candidates should also have strong communication as well as writing skills, and are expected to be an independent researcher within five years.

4. Five Research Assistants

Requirement: the candidates should be younger than 35 years old with a PhD degree in the field of life sciences, having theessential requirement for enrollment of ZZU. The candidates have to show the potential as a competent researcher, evidenced by published original research papers in SCI journals as the first author. The candidates will be able to supervise postgraduate students and undergraduate students in the group.

5.Four postdoctoral Fellows

Requirement: The candidates will have been awarded a PhD degree in the field of biomedical sciences, and previous research experience in cancer cell and gene therapy would be preferable. The potential candidates should have at least one publication as the first author in a peer-reviewed journal.

Salary and Package:

Successful candidates will be provided with an internationally competitive salary and generous start-up packages, appropriate lab space, together with other benefits. The initial appointment for PIs will be 5 years. For other posts it will be 3-5 years by negotiation. Renewal of the appointment will be based on merit and is conditional upon passing reviews by an international committee.

How to apply for the potential positions:

The prospective applicants should send a curriculum vitae and statement of research interests and future plan, and arrange to have at least three letters of recommendation sent to zhzhx110@zzu.edu.cn. The applicants passing the initial selection will be invited for a formal interview for which ZZU will cover all the costs.

Contact information.

National Cell and Gene Therapy International Research Center, AMS,ZZU

40 Daxue Road, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Post Code: 450052

Tel: 086 371-66658163;15515632151

E-mail: zhzhx110@zzu.edu.cn

Contact: Zhongxian Zhang

Note: This information will be effective until the post is taken.

Academy of Medical Sciences, ZZU

1 July, 2016