Enrollment Regulations of 2016 International Summer School at Zhengzhou University for Postgraduate Students: Cancer Chemoprevention

27 September,2016
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The cancer chemoprevention branch school of 2016 International Summer School in Zhengzhou University (ZZU in short) for Postgraduate is hosted by Graduate School of ZZU and organized by the Academy of Basic Medicine (ABM in short), which is considered as one of the programs promoting the internationalization of ZZU’s graduate education.

ABM comprises 12 departments, 2 experimental teaching centers, 13 research institutes (or centers) and 1 post-doctoral exchange center. ABM has the first-level discipline to confer Doctoral degrees(the first batch authorized to confer doctoral degrees), as well as 1 Master degree.

This academy offers 1 national key discipline( which has been raising ), 4 provincial key disciplines, 2 National High-level Courses,1 provincial excellent course, and 8 ZZU good courses. There are 139 full-time teachers, including 42 professors and 59 assistant professors. There are 14 doctoral supervisors and 102 postgraduate ones.

In recent years, ABM takes the basis of pathology and morbid physiology which are respectively the national key discipline and the provincial basic medicine first key discipline, and the aim of promoting the scientific innovation. There assembles lots of experts and professors enjoying the fame in China to form the academic competitive and featured disciplines and majors. Especially the basic research and control on tumor molecular discipline gets the name of featured discipline of Henan Province this year. This discipline takes the study on cancer chemoprevention as its main orientation to constitute the Henan International Cooperation Laboratory for Cancer Chemoprevention, Henan Coordinate Innovation Center for Cancer Chemoprevention, and the Key Laboratory of Henan High Education Institution approved by Ministry of Education. ABM has acquired more than 50 national programs including Program 973, Project 863, projects approved by Ministry of Science and Technology, and National Natural Science Foundations; over 100 Provincial Science Foundations, over 30 department and bureau- level Science Foundations and 5 discovery patents. More than 200 graduate students, over 60 doctors and 5 post graduates have graduated from this school. Every year ABM enrolls about 70 doctoral and graduate students. In the recent 3 years, ABM has made great achievements in graduate education, i.e.12 graduates get the national scholarship, 5 graduate papers are rewarded as provincial excellent ones, 9 graduates has been rewarded as the provincial excellent students and 18 as ZZU excellent.

To enhance the international cooperation of the research and teaching in basic medicine, ABM has combined the basic medicine study with cancer chemoprevention to widen the graduates’ view, to enlighten graduates’ innovative scientific thoughts, to strengthen the international academic exchange ability of graduates majoring in basic medicine, to enhance the special English level of graduates and their ability to apply English in academic exchange, and to promote the quality of raising graduates. So the Graduate School of ZZU and ABM host the 2016 international summer school for graduate in cancer chemoprevention.

Incidence of tumor becomes higher and higher which has been a threat to the Chinese lives. Cancer chemoprevention is considered as the strategy to stop, lessen or transfer the incidence and development or re-occurrence of cancer by natural or synthesized chemical materials. The focus of tumor prevention and therapy is to find out the molecular target in tumor incidence, and the small molecule suppressor for the target. So it is important and effective of raising the special talents in cancer chemoprevention to study developing molecular in stages, and find out transduction path of the key signal and the key target molecular of cancer, as well as the new tumor molecular target.



The experts in tumor chemoprevention are invited as follows: Professor Dong Ziming, Professor Liu Kangdong, Doctor Qiao Yan and Doctor Jiang Yanan from the Basic Medicine School of Zhengzhou University, Doctor MeeHyun Lee, Doctor Honggyum Kim, Doctor DongJoon Kim from Korea,Doctor Otto Yeung from Australia.

2. Courses

(1)Cancer Prevention. Speaker: Professor Dong Ziming(2)Roles of Natural Compounds in Cell Signaling Pathways. MeeHyun Lee

(2)Roles of Natural Compounds in Cell Signaling Pathways. Speaker: Doctor MeeHyun Lee

(3)Chemoprevention of Esophageal Cancer.

(3)Chemoprevention of Esophageal Cancer. Speaker: Professor Liu Kangdong

(4)Chronic Arsenic Exposure and Carcinogenesis. Honggyum Kim

(4)Chronic Arsenic Exposure and Carcinogenesis. Cancer Speaker: Doctor Honggyum Kim

(5)Targeting cancer signaling pathways in cancer therapy. DongJoon Kim

(5)Targeting cancer signaling pathways in cancer therapy. Speaker: Doctor Dong Joon Kim

(6)Computer- aided drug design.

(6)Computer- aided drug design. Speaker: Doctor Qiao Yan

(7)RNA binding protein in cancer: a double edged sword. Otto Yeung

(7)RNA binding protein in cancer: a double-edged sword. Speaker: Doctor Otto Yeung

(8)Role and mechanism of TOPK in ESCC.

(8)Role and mechanism of TOPK in ESCC. Speaker: Doctor Jiang Yanan

3. Other Academic Activities

(1) Visit research experiment platform and key laboratory in the Basic Medicine School.

(2) Invite experts and graduates to exchange and discuss.

(3) Supervise the graduates to make experiment, and topic design, thesis writing, and so on.

4. Date

The summer school lasts from 13th July, 2016 to 17th July,2016. Commence Ceremony is held in the morning of 13th July, 2016.

5. Place

The Academic Hall on the second floor, Building D, the Basic Medicine School, Zhengzhou University.

6. Enrollment and Number

Enrollment plan: The graduates majoring in basic medicine, pharmacy, clinical medicine, biology, and other related disciplines in ZZU would take the majority. The undergraduates intending to enroll the graduates of the basic medicine, the post graduates, doctoral students, and young teachers would take the minority.

Number: 60

7. Treatment

(1) Make sure that the good study and exchange environment are maintained.

(2)Provide 200 RMB to every trainee with board and lodging exclusive.

(3)Issue the summer school completion scores certificates to those trainees passing the course examinations. The scores are admitted in the selective courses with the same scores in graduate training plan for Zhengzhou University graduates.

8. Enrollment and Admission

(1) Enrollment date: now- 11 July, 2016.

(2) Place: Room 601 on in the sixth floor, Building A1, ABM

(3) Procedures:

The enrollment application table in the attachment of 2016 International Summer School of Basic Medicine, News Column in the main web of ABM of ZZU could be downloaded.

The complete table and the copies of both student card and ID card should be sent to Room 601as well as to the

E-mail: jcyxysqgjjy @163.com

Contact: Zhang Jingyang & Wang Dongyu

Tel: 13523065017, 15038189205

(4) Admission: the enrolled trainees’ names will be found in the main web of the Basic Medicine in the afternoon 12 July, 2016.

9. Notice

(1) Trainees should bring ID card and student card in enrollment.

(2) The enrolled trainees should take the courses on time and complete the courses. During the courses, they should observe the management rules of the summer school in ZZU.

(3) Trainees should be fine in body and mind. They should take the responsibilities for their safety.

Welcome the postgraduates, doctoral students and young teachers to attend this summer school.

Graduate School of Zhengzhou University

The Basic Medicine School of Zhengzhou University

Henan Coordinate Innovation Center for Cancer Chemoprevention

8 July,2016


1. Application table for the summer school

2. Schedule for the summer school